Sutco Transportation Premium Carrier Status

The Premium Carrier program is a provincial initiative headed by the Province of British Columbia, designed to recognize and reward commercial transportation companies that exhibit exceptional commitments to safety. Earning membership requires a thorough qualification process, but once achieved, sets a carrier apart from their competition.

The provincial program was established to raise the bar for safety in commercial transportation, thus providing a more secure environment for passengers and goods being transported. Companies that gain Premium Carrier status are held to the highest standard when it comes to the compliance, documentation, and safety of their vehicles, drivers and operations.

The Premium Carrier program began near the end of 2010 after recommendations from a Truck Compliance Advisory Panel Report the year prior. It was created in partnership with the BC Trucking Association and application is open to all carriers in the province who meet the strict eligibility requirements.

What It Takes to Reach Premium Carrier Status

Premium Carrier status isn’t just some fancy title – it’s a credible, trustworthy accreditation given by the Government of British Columbia. Commercial transport companies must first apply, then undergo a thorough qualification and vetting process in order to participate in the program.

Below is just a small piece of what’s involved.

Meeting Qualification Criteria

In order to even qualify for application of Premium Carrier status, a business must:

  • Possess a valid business BCeID
  • Have a fleet of 20 or more B.C. base plated commercial motor vehicles
  • Maintain a minimum three-year record of continuous operation in the province

Fulfilling Safety Requirements

The Government’s Premium Carrier program is used as a means of recognizing companies who exceed standards in safety. As such, those that apply need to prove that their operations:

  • Have an excellent, satisfactory, or satisfactory-unaudited National Safety Code (NSC) Safety Rating for at least the past three years
  • Maintain an NSC score better than the provincial median score
  • Are free of vehicles with critical defects under Enhanced License Plate Removal within the past 12 months

Carriers must also provide proof that they hold at least two of the following statuses:

  • A Certificate of Recognition (COR) from a recognized and authorised WorkSafeBC safety association
  • An above average WCB (WorkSafeBC) safety record
  • An Insurance Corporation of British Columbia discount of 50% or greater

In addition to supplying documentation that back up these qualifications, companies may also be required to undergo an interview and/or site visit with an authorised government representative. If awarded entrance into the Premium Carrier program, their status lasts for a year, after which they must reapply and go through the qualification process again. A business can also be removed from the program if it fails to maintain its membership requirements during this year-long tenure.

What Sets Premium Carriers Apart From Other Commercial Transportation Companies?

Commercial transportation companies that reach premium carrier status are afforded a slew of advantages in recognition of their excellent performance records. These include:

Free Transponders

Upon receiving designation as a Premium Carrier, commercial transportation companies are provided with an entire fleet’s worth of transponders free of charge. These transponders are used to access the Weigh2GoBC program, which allows carriers to bypass weigh scales when travelling between designated routes.

Automatic Assignment to Weigh3GoBC’s Lowest Random Report Percentage

Premium Carriers in British Columbia reap the benefit of automatic assignment to the lowest random report percentage (5%) in the Weigh2GoBC program. This allows them to spend more time on the road and less time filling out paperwork.

Inclusion in CVSE’s List of Recognized Carriers

Businesses that achieve Premium status are given the option to have their company name included on the government’s Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement website. This list is commonly referenced by customers who are looking for a reputable carrier to work with.

An Exclusive Watermark

The Provincial Government of British Columbia also sets Premium Carriers apart with exclusive access to and use of a verified watermark. This emblem can be incorporated into everything from a company’s website to its stationery and is an attestation to industry-leading operations.

An Annual Certificate

No lauded award would be complete without a certificate. All Premium Carriers that receive the status get their own every year, detailing the specifics of their accreditation. These certificates serve as a reputable way of letting customers know that a carrier can be trusted with their goods and business.

How Sutco Has Delivered In More Ways Than One

This year, Sutco Transportation is beyond proud to announce that it has achieved Premium Carrier Status in the Province of British Columbia. This comes after multiple years of commitment to upholding the industry’s highest safety standards, and a dedication to providing the best possible services to its customers.

We’ve proven that we meet the rigorous standards of the Premium Carrier program outlined in this article, and are now among a select group of companies that have been formally recognized for their efforts. We are honoured to be part of this exclusive club, and will continue to uphold the same commitment to quality that earned us this designation.

At Sutco Transportation, we strive to exceed industry standards in every aspect of our business. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.